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The goal of our store is to provide the community with wholesome food, minimally processed and containing no unnecessary preservatives or dyes. In our store we carry healthy, natural, and/or organic foods. We also carry specialty foods for individuals with food sensitivities, including wheat free, gluten free, low sodium, sugar free, and dairy free, as well as Vegan and Kosher items. Visit our large bulk room for your shopping convenience. Vitamins and Supplements are also available. We sell organic and local produce and try to increase consumer awareness about sustainable agriculture. Our products come from “environmentally friendly and socially conscious companies”.




Genetically Modified Organisms are found in many foods, and consumers have the right to know about it! A petition filed with the FDA could make the labeling of GMOs mandatory. Watch the video to learn more and visit justlabelit.org to show your support.





Visit justlabelit.org and show your support
















The health of our nation and especially our children is rapidly declining. Check out this poem written and performed by Taylor Mali, a well-known teacher and spoken word artist.